The L.A Propinquity That Someones U AljoniMuscico

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The L.A Propinquity That Someones U AljoniMuscico

In 1980 while listening to songs submitted for what would become the LP ‘Splash’ by Freddie Hubbard, several of those—including this one (That Someone’s U) did not make its way to the final album tracks. It was never mixed down and the vocal tracks were ‘work takes/scratch vox’. Written
by Sydney Justin (aka ‘Steele’), Sanifu Al Hall, and the late David Shields; the song
languished on an outtake reel for decades until it was a part of a group
of tracks that were converted from analog to digital to be considered for
release in association with the Super Disco Edits label. Hall notes that prior to
David’s death; he, Sydney, and David agreed to revisit and attempt to make the track viable-- “We
felt like the song itself was solid.”
The rhythm section is a who’s who in first-call studio players of the period, including
James Gadson (drums), David T. Walker & Paul Jackson, Jr. (guitars), Clarence McDonald (keyboards)(RIP)
David Shields (bass) and a couple of players, lead singer, and background singers not mentioned due to contractual
agreements as they are currently members of groups with outside performance restrictions.

The track was originally produced and arranged by Sanifu Al Hall, Jr.; recorded at Hit City West (Los Angeles CA) with additional tracking and the rough mix made at Fantasy Records Studios (Berkeley CA). The group decided that any outtakes subsequently released would be under the moniker-- The L. A. Propinquity. There is, at least, one more track recorded by this same lineup. The song was remixed and arranged by Sanifu Al Hall, Jr. and mastered at Pine Studios (Jacksonville FL) with engineer Jacob Darrell Hudson. Juan Carlos Rollan was brought in to add his tenor saxophone as an added highlight during the remix production session"..................