About us.

At first glance you may think Super Disco Edits is just another cut and paste record label, churning out disco fodder. But let me stop you there.

We morphed oursleves into our firt true love.

Sourcing long and forgetten Soul & Jazz artist so we could document their hopes and dreams once again on glorious vinyl.

From established artist like Leroy Hutson and Mike and Dennis Coffey to newly disovered acts like Between the two.  Our aim is to dig deep into old studio archives and dusty lofts and basements of past record label owners to see if we can revive the magic that may lie in old studio reels they may have.

We make sure the reels and material are treated with utmost care like an archaeology find or historical importance.

Once this process has been achieved we make sure our mastering,cutting of laqcueres and vinyl pressings are of the highest quality, while still keeping a friendly price for our loyal customers.

We hope you enjoy giving some of our products a listen and helping bring some light back into these long and forgotten soul men and women.

If you are an old artist, producer or musician why not send us an email and see if you can help you.