James Reese and the Progressions "fool for love no more" Najma

 James Reese and the Progressions "fool for love no more" Najma

Although no major company wanted to pick up “Let’s Go – It’s Summertime”, and “Jody’s Freeze” By James Reese and The Progressions or “Throwing Stones” and “Gee Whiz” by Marlene King, James felt that what he had written and arranged was unique. Therefore he continued to write, using Jazz chords and progressions along with some occasional classical motifs and mixed those elements with danceable rhythms.

*( Concerning “Let’s Go – It’s Summertime” Many of the major labels that James talked with in New York said that his writing was "way ahead of my time", and they wasnt wrong!!!

James Reese was a Public School Band Director during those years, and during his breaks and in the band room he would sit down at the piano and work on ideas for songs. Also, Rosalyn Foster (a college student with a strong voice) had joined The Progressions in the early seventies and James quickly began to write with her voice in mind.

By spring break of 1972 we were ready to go to Memphis, Tenn. We didn’t have a drummer who could make the trip (Willie Hill, AKA B. Hill had moved to LA, California) so James hired a drummer when he arrived.. His name was Willie Hall, one of the Bar Kays drummers and he flowed with us instantly. James remembers recording at night, and then staying up during the daytime working on the string parts.

Here is the second lot of songs, from the reels we found last year. Its almost criminal to think these two beautifully crafted soul songs, where musicians have put all their time and efforts into, were shelved because so called executives thought them "ahead of their time"

Personnel: William “Chicken” Murphy - Guitar, Willie Hall- Drums and Percussions, Robert Goforth - Bass, James Reese - Piano and Trombone, John Lamkin II - Trumpet and Rudolph Riley - Alto and Tenor Sax. A Couple of String Players from the Memphis Symphony. Lead Vocals - Rosalyn Foster.