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Klimate "Esp"/To see you" Grand Union Music


When growing up as a young teenager many dream of hitting the recording studio and getting that record deal. The sheer musical drive inside you to lay down those raw and emotional feelings. The chances of going to high end studios were slim and expensive. Opportunities were sparse to say the least. So the next best thing was to go into one of the ever growing number of home studios that were popping up in the 1980's Studios in peoples garages or in the spare bedroom. And so we bring you to a small group of teenagers called Klimate. They ventured into a un-named 8 track studio in Walsall around 1981 to record a series of 2 tracks. There is little remembered about the group of lads from member Harbans Srih who played drums on both tracks and was in charge of writing duties. Harbans Srih was also the man behind sde 42 Sticks & Co "Jazz Dancin"/"Jazz funkin" . The 5 piece band was very multicultural that really represented music in britain at the time. 3 of the players were of Afro-Caribbean decent giving us lead vocals, guitar, bass and keyboard. The 4th member was only known as a ginger haired youth (we like him!!) who was on saxophone duities. shortly after these recordings tragedy struck Klimate and the bass player was killed in a car accident whilst on vacation in Italy. fast forward 37 years and Harbans Srih discovers just a single D.A.T from that 1981 session. We did our utmost to sonically get the recordings up to our very high standards at Super Disco Edits. Whilst we feel it perhaps just falls short, we couldn't ignore these recordings that optimises British youth culture and the heritage of Brit funk . We hope you enjoy them.