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cosmos dwellerz arkestra "love thoughts" Aljoni Music Company 12 inch


The first incarnation of the Cosmos Dwellerz Arkestra was formed in the early 1970's by Sanifu Al Hall. Jr. His goal was to form a group using available cutting-edge technolgies of the day fusing it into creative musical works. What would now be called a hybrid group. Along with the quasi-standard Jazz group. Sanifu made sagacious use of several analoguesynthesizers to forge both ambient and melodic incorporations. Additionally he used unique signal processing on his trombone for this 1977 session. The members of the Dwellerz on this session were Sanifu Al Hall Jr - Trombone, Piano, Synthesizers, Percussion, Vox Cedric Lawson-Electric piano Kenny Klimax-Guitar David Shields-Bass Ndugu Chancler-Drums Darrel Harris-Congas