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Brass Horizon only ever had one effort put out onto vinyl. The much sought after "We want to play" on the Minda Mark label. Currently commanding big bucks on the collectors scene. The single also made it onto Keb Darge's Deep Funk lp. Now Super Disco Edits has dug deep again, and unearthed some killer tracks by the band. Brass Horizon were heavily into the Bay Area sound of the mid 70's and especially Tower of Power. The first recording to come to light from these dusty sessions is this one off studio mic take, introducing the band. Fully 6 mins long, we have trimmed it down so it gets a 45 release. pt1&2. polish your headspin hat, and hear all the components of the band, horns, keyboards, and last but not least a big arse drum break!!...beware you b-boys